wash your hand

Lesson 1: Prepare a Working Space and Protect Yourself

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Personal protection is always the priority for any scientific activity!

Here is the good practice of doing any kind of “Science”. Wish your scientific career “Live long and prosper”! 

Let’s start!

Step 1: Clean a working space on a suitable table with enough light and plenty of space to work.

Step 2: Place an absorbent pad on the table to prevent spilling and keep it easy to clean later.

absorbent pad

Step 3: Organize the tools, biology stains, blank microscope slides, coverslips and equipment you may need.

preparing microscope tools

Step 4: Put on personal protection, for example, gloves, protective glasses and lab coat, etc.

put on gloves

Step 5: After work, wash your hands with water or hand sanitizer. Always wash your hand after work. It is the most efficient way to keep bacteria away from you.

wash your hand

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