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Compound microscope

High CP value workhorse – OMAX 40x-2000x LED Binocular Compound Lab Microscope

  • Eyepieces: wide field WF10x and WF20x
  • Objectives: 4x, 10x, 40x(S), 100x(S, Oil), bring it 2000x magnification with 100x oil immersion objective
  • Coaxial coarse and fine focus
  • Mechanical stage with adjustment handle
  • LED light
  • Solid metal frame construction
  • Binocular viewing head
  • 100 glass slides and cover slips and lens cleaning papers are included

This OMAX microscope could be a decent choice for anyone who wants to pick up their first microscope. With the price below $250, you received a binocular compound microscope with two eyepieces (wide field 10x and 20x) and four objective lenses (4x, 10x, 40x, and 100x). You can have total magnification from 40x to 2000x, which is sufficient for most users.

This microscope is a classical design. Not fancy, but it could be a workhorse with you for decades. Many professional microphotographers still use similar models routinely.

Stereo Microscope

National Geographic Student Stereo Microscope

  • Two sets of optical glass lenses providing 20x and 50x magnification
  • Two microscope in one. Use the lower LED lights to view biological specimens on slides or switch over to the upper lights to examine 3D objects in intricate detail
  • 10 prepared slides with a range of biological specimens
  • Brine shrimp experiment included

This is another bargain option that you can explore the microscopic worlds with boys and girls.

This is a stereo microscope (or dissecting microscope). This kind of microscope is ideal to view “3D” objects, such as insects, feathers, leaves, rocks, sand grains, gems, coins, and stamps, etc. It is like a more powerful magnifying glass. You may see biological specimens on slides, but the magnification won’t be as high as the compound microscope. The good thing is that a stereo microscope could be easier and more straightforward to learn for beginners.

USB Microscope

Ankylin 50x-1000x Handheld USB Microscope Camera

  • Magnification: 50-1000x
  • Wide Angle
  • Focal Length: manual focus (0-5.7inch/ 14.5cm)
  • Wifi Connection for Phone, USB Connection for Computer
  • Compatible with iPhone, Andorid phone, Windows 7/8/10 Laptop and PC, MacBook Mac OSX 10.6+
  • Take pictures and record videos easy
  • Hobby focused, fun for collectors, students, and anyone interested in exploring the microscopic world

Portable handheld USB microscopes are ideal for kids or students. They can bring the microscopes in their pockets and explore the secret of nature wherever they go. They may look for ants moving sugar grains, hunt for quartz crystals on the beach, or ask why a kiwi has many hairs in a supermarket.

I personally use an Ankylin Handheld USB microscope with my friend’s kid who is 6 years old. I downloaded the app and connected the microscope to my phone (Pixel 3). We looked at the surface of leaves, flower petals, rocks, and books. The kid is so exciting and took a bunch of pictures from my phone. It is easy to use with a kid. We had so much fun.

The only downside is that it is much difficult to look at objects that are not flat. It takes some time to find the focal plane.

Microscope accessories

Rs’ Science Microscope Slide Preparation Kit

Rs Science Microscope Slide Preparation Kit
  • Everything you need to make your own slides in one comprehensive tool set
  • For PROFESSIONAL and EDUCATIONAL – High quality items ideal for someone who really want to master in slide preparation
  • Step-by-Step guide (with color pictures) of making your slides, how to use biological stains, and 10 mini-projects so you can start with Confident
  • 43 pieces

Rs’ Science 25 Microscope Prepared Slide Set for You to Learn The Beauty of Biology with Printed Guide Book


As a molecular biologist in training and a new homeschool parent, I have an absolutely high standard. I want my product to be the best educational tool that everyone can enjoy the beauty of Biology.

After spending two years of research, writing, and preparation, I picked the most comprehensive 25 slides which cover four major fields of biology: (1) Algae and Fungi; (2) Plant Garden; (3) Animal Kingdom; (4) Human Body.

My guidebook contains colorful pictures with a detailed description of the anatomical structures, so you know what you are exactly looking at under a microscope. In addition, each topic includes the background, story behind the scientific discovery, and fun activities. Following our guidebooks, you will have the most fun and fantastic learning experience.

Methylene Blue and Eosin Y Solutions in Amber Glass Dropper Bottles (for microscopy)

  • Methylene Blue (1% aqueous solution) – stain cell nuclei blue and make their morphology more visible
  • Eosin Y (0.5% aqueous solution) – a counterstain to Methylene Blue to stain cytoplasmic material and extracellular structures in red color
  • Both in 1 oz AMBER Round Glass Bottle – w/Glass Dropper – Easy to use and for long-term storage

Microscope Immersion Oil, Type A, 1/2 Oz (15 mL) in an Easy-to-Use Amber Glass Dropper Bottle

  • An accessory you must have to enjoy the full power of your high magnification microscope
  • Suitable for all kinds of microscopes. Type A Low Viscosity Immersion Oil with Refractive index ND=1.515
  • Package in 1/2 oz AMBER Round Glass Bottle – with Glass Dropper – Easy to use, clean and for long-term storage

300 Sheets Ultrasoft Microscope and Camera Lens Cleaning Paper – 3-Pack of 100-sheet booklets

  • Extremely soft and non-abrasive, with high wet strength. Dry lens cleaning tissues effectively removes dirt, grease and fingerprints
  • Perfect for cleaning the surfaces of camera and camcorder lenses, telescopes, magnifying glasses, microscopes or other optical equipment

Improved Neubauer Hemocytometer kit with Trypan Blue and Methylene Blue for Blood, Cell, Yeast Counting

  • Everything you need for cell counting in one kit. This kit includes Improved Neubauer Hemocytometer, Coverslips, Trypan blue solution, Methylene Blue solution, Sample vials, Fine tip transfer pipettes, Lens paper booklet, and User Manual

Funny science stickers

Funny Science Stickers Vinyl Decals for Classroom, Student, Laboratory, Physics, Chemistry, Biology Experiment, Math, STEAM Education, Teacher

Rs science Funny Science Stickers Vinyl s
Rs Science Funny Science Stickers Vinyl all s
  • 14 unique stickers designed by Rs Science, never be the same with others
  • Great to personalize all your stuff. Put them on your laptop, suitcase, skateboard, water bottle, etc

Funny Space & Astronaut Stickers Vinyl Decals for Classroom, Student, School, NASA, Math, STEAM Education, Teacher

  • 11 unique stickers designed by Rs Science, never be the same with others
  • Made with high quality PVC with vinyl glossy finish and printed in full-color

These stickers are great to personalize your stuff. Put them on your laptop, suitcase, skateboard, water bottle, refrigerator, guitar, car bumper, motorcycle, bike, helmet, and snowboard (you name it) to show off your styles!

It is also a perfect gift idea for all kinds of reasons – Birthdays, Christmas, School start days, etc. Also great for teachers to bring a little bit of funny science into their classrooms!

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